6 Things To Keep In Mind When Preparing For An Estate Liquidation


When you have a large number of things in your home that you wish to get rid of, then an estate liquidation can help you with it. However, you need to ensure that the estate sale is conducted properly if you wish for it be a success. Below, we look at six things you should keep in mind when preparing for an estate liquidation.

Detailed Inventory

Remember to make a detailed list of all items that exist in your home. This should include the items you are selling and those which you are not selling. Once this is done, you will be in a better position to estimate the value of the items and decide which ones to put up for sale and which ones to avoid selling. Ideally, you should prepare the inventory list by room. This will help you manage the items more efficiently.

Safely Store Financial Records

Make sure that you keep all your financial records in a safe place. These include your bank statements, insurance policies, retirement account records, and so on. This will make sure that you do not lose out on any important financial record after the estate sale is over.

Mark 'Not For Sale'

When you are thinking of conducting an estate sale, there are likely to be items that you do not wish to sell. Make sure that you clearly mark them out as not for sale using a signboard or something. This will ensure that the people who visit the sale do not mistakenly pick it up for purchase.

Hire Estate Appraiser

Once you have listed out all the items that you wish to sell, separate the items that you think may be of high value. Then hire any of the professional estate liquidators in Fort Collins to look at the items and estimate the value. It is recommended that you don't set the value of an expensive item in the sale. Instead, leave the valuation to the professionals who are more experienced at judging the items correctly. If you do the valuation yourself, there is a good chance that you might undervalue the things and get less money for items that may actually be worth a fortune.

Consult Family Members

Before setting up the estate sale, send the list of saleable items to your family members. There will likely be a few items that might have an emotional significance for them. As such, sending the list allows your family members to identify items that they wish to keep. You can then separate such identified items, and then conduct the sale of the remaining ones.

Get Good Pictures

Always get good pictures from the estate sale. Human beings are more influenced by how an item looks. If the pictures of the items look unprofessional, amateurish, and downright unappealing, then people might also think that the items are of low quality. In contrast, if they see a highly professional photo of the item, then they are more likely to visit the sale and buy it.